Our Story

We are ADI which stands for Advance Design and Innovation.It’s basically the heart and soul of our brand. We’re all about pushing the boundaries with our super cool designs and awesome tech.

Our mission? Bring you the best bang for your buck, delivering top-notch products that is not onl great quality but also won’t break the bank. We’re all about giving our customers value for their money.

So, how did we start our journey? Picture this: we’re chilling outside the office, just having a casual coffee break, when a simple chat turned into this whole brainstorming frenzy. It all boiled down to a market problem – you had stuff that was either super cheap but kinda dodgy quality, or top-notch but super expensive.

That’s when it hit us. There were only a few brands that catered to customers searching for great quality yet affordable products. After realizing this, we were dead-set on giving our customers exactly what they needed. So, ADI kicked off a mission to give customers the best of both worlds.

We firmly believe in pushing the boundaries of design and embracing innovation, and it is this passion that drives our products and services forward.


Through extensive discussions and thoughtful deliberation, the brand name ADI (Advance Design and Innovation) was selected and officially acknowledged by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippine government.